Exploring the Harvard Connection: These 8 Famous Actors whom successful is connected to education.


Get involved in the fascinating world of celebrity and academia as we reveal the educational campaigns of a few really intelligent Hollywood stars through our discussion. In this article of mine, there follows below a list of eight celebrated personalities who have graced the corridors of the Harvard University, thereby illustrating a curious mix of talent and intelligence.

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Exploring Harvard's Celebrity Alumni

Learn about the dazzling school backgrounds of eight successful Hollywood stars who can proudly say that they are graduates of Harvard University, with was going to reveal a combination of the most different professions.

Natalie Portman: Explore both the "Black Swan" and psychology along with Portman's double career in acting and academia.

Ashley Judd: The lead actress, Ashley Judd, studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree in the University of Kentucky and the master’s in public administration at Harvard in 2010. This path of studies and learning drove her to pursue eventually Ph.D. degree in public policy from UC.

Courtney B. Vance: He portrays a defense attorney on the FX series which is creatively favored and was the same person who graduated from Harvard. He diligently obtained a history degree from Harvard in 1982 and further went to pursuing a Master’s degree in drama from the famous Yale University.

Tommy Lee Jones: From one mood to the other, Tommy was a Harvard student who later became a successful actor in movies such as “Men in Black”. He did his BA degree from City College in 1969 under the need-based scholarship scheme. He wasn't a spectator in life at Harvard. Instead, he played the football team and participated in other activities.

B.J. Novak: Novak is also famous featuring "The office" in which he attended and graduated from Harvard in 2001. He studied and graduated with honors from Harvard, and while there, he majored in English and Spanish as well as took part in the running of the Harvard Lampoon. Novak explored his interest in comedy and writing which, eventually led to him anchoring shows until he later became a famed comedian.

Conan O’Brien: The reputable actor college years at Harvard University, class of 1985 and earned his degree of American History. His time at Harvard is notable for his sharp wit and comedic sense learned over a while during which he worked as a writer for a humor house. He went on to become a popular comedian and the host of several shows.

Matt Damon: A period between 1988 and 1992 served as a time where Matt Damon took courses in the English and drama departments at Harvard. Nevertheless, the rise of his feature-length film “Rising Son” in the ’90s prompted Damon to decide to leave the school and establish himself like an actor. The awards he received reflected his talents and acting profession, and he obtained the proper recognition, including the 2013 Harvard Arts Medal.

Rashida Jones: Remember her for the part she played in the series “Parks and Recreation.” In 1997, Rashida Jones graduated from Harvard with a degree in religion and philosophy of her own. However, Jones intended to become a lawyer, and she chose those subjects. Nevertheless, she made up her mind to join the entertainment industry because it was her true love.


Besides shining in Hollywood, these celebrities have equally amazing academic records. Their stories show that people can strive for their passion and excellence in different areas , and in this way their stories inspire others to take the same steps and reach the highest level of attainment in the endeavors they undertake.

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