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The tool of mass communication in marketing is advertising. The nature of the message that it represents is one open, non-personal communication to inform and convince consumers into buying a product or service in question. There is nothing substantially new about advertising nowadays unlike in the 20th century.

Below are some of the wide range advertisement channels, that the company use to promote its goods or services; and which students or any advertising assignment help and writing service they employ should take note

What Are the Factors That Have Led to Increasing Importance of Public Relations in Contemporary Times?

The essence of public relations is the communication process and ways in which it can be enhanced to benefit organizations, corporations, and brands create positive relationships with the vast majority. This includes using comprehensive strategy and approach combinations to sustain and develop the desired goodwill with intended audiences.

Channel of Communication Description
Radio Sometimes using the typical channel is not a so bad of an idea. Especially, when your desired customers are those who travel often. Radio continues to have a significant influence on both urban and rural listeners, at the cost that even budding startups can easily accommodate.
TVC TVC Like radio, this channel too has its large area of influence and appeal. However, it also overcomes another grave defect associated with a radio commercial- the pictorial representation of what is being offered by this company.
Newspaper This channel is most suitable for newspaper Business organizations that wanted to push their company, an example of classified ads list. It is also very cost effective, just like radio and can reach an audience that lives not only in the city but even within rural areas.
Magazines A business catering to a niche market can connect with the target audience by placing an advertisement on one of its preferred magazine channels like fashion magazines, business magazines and more.
Directories This channel is focused on those consumers who are already leaning towards the purchase of a product or service. The physical or online directory refers to the listed businesses and services they provide.
Outdoor Promotions Among outdoor promotions are billboards posters on taxis, buses and subway stations. The goal of this kind of advertisement should be to redirect the customers back to company’s site and portals.
Email We can send the same email to many clients at one time, cheaply and directly.
Catalogues, Brochures and Leaflets Brochures and Leaflets In addition to the target consumer base that embraces modern day technology can also be targeted through this traditional channel. For instance, old people in the society.
Online Promotions Among all the above types of communication, this manner reaches out to the people at global level and it is cost effective. For, whatsoever is posted online can be judged by any person anywhere in the world through internet.

Thus, all these forms of advertise have they own value when the companies try to reach customers from different market segments. It is also better to have assignments that consider all of these types and, if you cannot get sufficient knowledge and practical examples on them, we suggest getting some help with your assignment.

The Importance of Advertising in the Modern Age

Being a marketing student, you should also know all the pros and cons of various types of advertisement campaigns. However, if you believe that such vital information is missing in your life, then do not take this gamble and get expert marketing assignment help to secure good grades.

For different stakeholders, advertisement holds different importance:

  1. Importance For Customers: If there would be no advertisement, customers never will come to know and they shall remain ignorant or can not pay any attention towards the selling components.
  2. Importance For Companies: Advertising is the equivalent of sowing for a company’s product or service to garner lucrative sales. It helps to sensitize and, at times, encourage the target audience to sample what this brand has on offer. In addition the company’s demand is also based on its advertised campaign, which creates a certain perception in consumers minds as firms want.
  3. Importance For The Society: A good advertisement spreads awareness among the common people and does not let them be used by big MNCs (Multi-National Corporations). Awareness campaigns by the government could also be instrumental in decreasing consumption of harmful products and, as a result, reduce their externalities on society. For instance, anti-smoking campaign and other.

Therefore, as a result of these reasons, the students can easily assert that the relevance of advertisements to customers firms and even governments in this world are directly proportional leading to more increase with time

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