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How To Write A Literature Review

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Step-by-step Tips to Writing a Literature Review

Preparing a literature review by no means is an easy process. The hardest part is finding the sources that are most relevant for your research, spending lots and lots of time to read them and at the same time, you have to rephrase and paraphrase everything to avoid plagiarism. This suffering doesn't stop in here. You are ought to be looking for the standard format that demands that the sources are cited and referenced to their particular style.

What exactly do we mean by a Literature Review?

Literature review can only start after you are familiar with the gap in research, and it highlights the differences between past and present approaches and their impact on future research.

What Is A Literature Review?

Research involves taking preferred books with which you will support your dissertation under the literature review.

The review consists of information from the sources used either in the form of:

A phrase that can be expressed by a few words or sentences (word and sentence are the same).

The process of paraphrasing (the conversion of information into the words of the author).

Why Need Review Of The Past Literature?

No matter you are writing a research paper or making a dissertation proposal, review of the past literature will help you:

  • Before starting a research study try to familiarize with the literature on that topic.
  • To find links that can connect to one another.
  • Rule out the number of the variables that you will implement in your research.
  • Specify appropriate hypothesis of which will be helpful to collect the data. Support your arguments.
  • Use your outcomes to help interpret the data.

How To Write A Literature Review?

You will never need to ask, “How to write a literature review?” if you will follow the steps given by our experts which are:

Collect Sources:

You will need a lot of resources to contain the vast information when the research is compiled to the data for your chosen topic. As it is, gathering many sources at least 50 sources for you dissertation is recommendable. These sources can be:

  1. Books
  2. Past dissertations
  3. Unpublished manuscripts
  4. Published articles
  5. Government report
  6. Oral conferences

What Is impossibility of writing research papers?

The essay writing is by no means an easy enterprise for students. If you are looking for a professional help for your research paper, there might be following reasons for it like:

  • It is not a daunting task to originator a unique research topic.
  • Naturally, you are poor with writing from different perspectives.
  • The most convenient qualitative research method cannot be chosen for writing of your thesis.
  • Research is your priority being a full-time masteral student, which is very much consuming your time.
  • You can either be doing an internship part-time or full-time and often lose track on your tasks assignments can be a challenge.
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    FAQ Writing Literature Review

    A literature review examines existing literatures on the concerned topic, scrutinize them, and synthesize them in order to understand what the research heritage is and what the gap represents between past and present approaches. This is paramount in creation of a basis for other advances in the research area by undertaking narrative and critique of the previous literature.

    Understanding the past literature has great importance by itself, but there are several reasons to do so. First of all, the literature review helps in familiarizing oneself with the existing research on a topic. In addition, the review is for finding hidden variables of a research focus, for supporting the researcher's hypotheses, and for the interpretation of data in the context of existing findings. The Table of Contents helps to prove the research, and hypothesis of any research work or dissertation.

    A credible research review entails getting data from both primary and secondary sources such as books, articles, unpublished manuscripts and government reports as will enable you have a broad understanding of your topic. It is best to find at least 50 sources. The essay should be a paraphrased information mixed with short direct quotations with proper citations and references following the required format to avoid rewording.

    The first part, which will involve in how one will do literature review, has to be formulated and the start is by looking for relevant sources to support the dissertation. The following phase involves reading the selected texts many times, taking notes, and citations adhering to an agreed upon standard relating style. Their process necessitates time as well as work to ensure a detailed comprehension and representation of the scope of literature on the research area.